Our Team


We are a collective of international, muti-disciplinary and multilingual visual artists , in love with images and experiment, dialogue people and cultures.

We are photographers, filmmakers, artists, researchers, participatory arts practitioners, project managers, educators, creative minds and multi-skilled change makers.


Graduated from the London College of Communication, Ingrid is a documentary and portrait photographer, filmmaker, and participatory visual media facilitator. Her studies in social and visual anthropology made a major shift to her career, it triggered her passion for community engagement and self-representation and led her to found Fotosynthesis. She has more than 10 years of experience in designing and implementing participatory media projects and audiovisual productions within the education, museums, and international development sectors in Europe, Africa, and Latin America with INGOs such as Interpeace, International Catalan Institute of Peace, United States Institute of Peace, Conciliation Resources and Beyond Skin (Northern Ireland).

As an executive director of Fotosynthesis, she continues to exhibit her work and undertakes photographic and filmmaking assignments and long-term projects around peacebuilding, migration, identities, memories using different alternative and historical photographic processes. She is also an associate of Insightshare delivering participatory video processes. www.ingridguyon.com


Federico believes that our soul is enriched by every soul we meet. He loves people and everything we can learn and share. He is inspired about learning from everyone’s culture and supporting those who don’t know they have one. He is passionate about creativity, is practical, skillful, and reflective.

As well as a great photographer, filmmaker, and facilitator, Federico is a graphic designer, community organiser, drummer, capoeirista, and great human being.

Originally from Argentina, he grew up in Colombia and studied graphic design at the Instituto de Artes en Medellín. He migrated to London many years ago and studied Youth Work along with many other courses. He is working with migrant communities using photography, arts, and sports as tools to support people to express themselves, empower and create a positive impact in society. Throughout his journey he has worked for Save the Children, RefugeeYouth, Croydon & Surrey Council, LAYF (Latin-American Youth Forum), IRMO (Indoamerican Refugee Migrant Organisation) Pembroke House, Migrateful, Praxis.


Quintina is a Spanish award-winning documentary and press photographer who studied photojournalism at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts, after a career in finance. She has ten year’s experience developing and producing photo stories about human rights and humanitarian crises collaborating with local INGOs.Her latest projects about sex trafficking and the impact of Chernobyl’s nuclear accident have received international awards. Her work has been featured in The Guardian, Sunday Times, Thomson Reuter Foundation, Stern Magazine, Internationale, BBC, SIPA Press, L’Obs, and El País and has exhibited in Europe, Ukraine, Morocco, and Brazil. Trained as an Arts Leader, she has also design manage and facilitates educational workshops with vulnerable groups and children. 



Carô Gervay works as a photographer, artist, and facilitator in the UK, France and Vietnam. Her multicultural background and love of all forms of creative expressions made her develop projects linking everyday life with identities and memories. She is interested in how photography enables a quest for a sense of belonging whilst weaving individual’s and people’s narratives into collective memory-or loss of it. To her “writing with light” is a relationship and a performance where time slows down and people come together. Her approach is intuitive, intimate, and experimental.

Collaboration is an integral part of her practice, which ranges across several disciplines. She is a co-director at the Gate Darkroom, a community darkroom based at Thames-Side Studios, Woolwich; an associate artist at the youth organisation Phakama UK; and a member of the Asia Art Activism research network. She has joined our team in 2013 with our Jesuit Refugee Services project and was a key part of our Learning Through Photography project in primary schools.  



Alejo is a Colombian cinema lover, a sound recordist, musician, singer, and father of a talented 15 years old daughter filmmaker. Living now in Zaragoza, Alejandro was trained to intervene in various creative processes and graduated in Visual Arts of the NATIONAL PEDAGOGICAL UNIVERSITY and in Directing of Actors (ESTUDIO BABEL), Bogotá, Colombia.

He has participated in several documentaries and fiction with Gusano Films nominated at different festivals. He has years of experience recording sounds in remote places in difficult conditions and was a teacher at the SENA (Colombia) and an audiovisual and script facilitator with young people, women, the LGBTQ community in Colombia, and Zaragoza. (Foundation for Audiovisual Development El criollo producciones, Escuela Audiovisual ANIAMANDO – Mujeres al Borde).

During production, all his attention, thoughts, and spirit are focused on the here and now, and considers audiovisuals as his food, his voice, his breath and he wants to bring this to the ears and eyes of the whole world and use audiovisual art as a tool for create change.


Sara has joined our team in 2014 as a non-executive director. She acts as an adviser and brings her expertise in participatory methods, evaluation, international development, museums, and schools. She studied Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Oxford, UK. After graduation, she started working for Survival International, before joining Insightshare as a facilitator, trainer, and project manager of participatory video projects, both internationally and in the UK.

Her work ranges from long-term capacity-building programmes to shorter-term engagements with diverse groups and issues such as migrants in the UK; indigenous groups in Asia and the Americas – around food sovereignty, climate change resilience; the participatory video for monitoring and evaluation. Partners have included grassroots groups and larger organisations such as the British Council, the United Nations, UNDP, Mercy Corps, Transparency International, Comic Relief, Christian Aid. She now works as a facilitator and forest schools in a democratic school in South West London. 


Morgane is a creative educator who has 20 years of experience working with children and families in a wide variety of settings. She is passionate about education and strongly believes in the arts being powerful educational tools. After qualifying with a first-class degree in education from Goldsmiths in 2012, she worked as a teaching assistant in primary schools, often working with children with social, emotional, and behavioural difficulties. As she witnessed the diminishing space given to the arts in the school curriculum, she decided to pursue a more creative career and to work on developing workshops, widening children and young people’s art experience.

Morgane is devoted to bringing cultural diversity to art within formal education, as she believes in the importance of positive representations for children of all backgrounds to develop healthy creative minds, empathy, and new narratives. She has been the new driven force and innovative energy developing our classroom project.


With a degree in Audiovisual Communication, Master in Documentary Cinema from ESCAC (School of Film and Audiovisual of Catalonia) and postgraduate in Graphic Design Applied to Communication in ELISAVA, Anna developed her professional career in Barcelona in design studios and communication departments, working for individuals and institutions (Institute of Culture of Barcelona). Throughout her career, her two great passions, audiovisual and design & communication, came together with her social vocation. Her passion for creativity as a tool for social transformation led her to be part of the OPEN IDEO promoter team and participate in events such as Open Circular Economy Days.

She is currently involved in projects such as Filmclub (“Learning through Film”) advising on sustainable projects and has her own enterprise,’Crea tu marca’ (Create your brand), coaching new entrepreneurs to launch their brand. She has recently joined our team to develop new creative projects, fundraise and secure new clients in Barcelona as well as support our new ethical brand and communication strand.  

The rest of the team…

Fotosynthesis would not exist without the support, time, and dedication of our amazing friends and creative collaborators who make our projects possible, from graphic designers to facilitators, photographers, administrators, or advisors.