Apart from one off pop ups workshops, we also deliver series of workshops embedded into your programme ranging from using and teaching photography in museums to explore existing archives and engaging new audiences, to working with intergenerational groups to support community cohesion through arts or to training young people in creative photography to build their portfolio and self-confidence.

 Here are some examples of our latest projects:


Greenwich Intergenerational Cohesion (2011-14)

In 2011, we were approached by the Children’s Society to work together on the Greenwich Intergenerational project for a 3 years partnership.

The Children’s Society’s Greenwich intergenerational community cohesion project has made a positive impact on 730 young and older people living in the London Borough of Greenwich since 2010. During our three-year partnership  we delivered photography workshops using alternative photographic processes and were commissioned to take over 100 professional studio portraits using analogue and digital photography of all participants in the project.

We provided a photographic & information record in booklet form of the Intergenerational Project and produced an exhibition of 25 portraits of younger and older participants from the Greenwich project.

The work included:

  • Holding inclusive photographic workshops (cyanotype sun printing) and enjoyable studio photographic sessions alongside project staff at 4 venues.

  • Producing contact sheets and multiple portraits of over 100 participants and staff
  • Collated photographs, project information and feedback on the Intergenerational Project
  • Producing a high quality book of portraits, session photographs, project information and participant comments.
  • Produced two sizes of book for project and participating groups
  • Curating portraits exhibition – including appropriate hanging materials- at Charlton House with participant comment and introductory information about the Intergenerational Project