Winners of ELTons Award British Council 2022

‘Innovative, fun, imaginative, and engaging.” said the judges.

‘ELTons’ comes from ‘English Language Teaching’ [ELT] + ‘Innovations’ [ons]. We’re delighted that Picture this! won the Local Innovation category at the 2022 ELTons Awards for our ESOL online project during lockdown with Learning Unlimited using #participatory photography to teach English to migrants in London (funded by the @GreaterLondonAuthority.)

150 entries from 45 countries worldwide. Panels of experts worked independently to find the entries that best show excellence in innovation and functionality to meet the needs of English language learners and teachers around the world.  Read more here:

Garden Museum’s Sowing Roots Photo exhibition

The Garden Museum’s Sowing Roots project is a first-of-its-kind journey into the history of the gardening cultures and traditions that Caribbean people carried with them when they moved to the UK after World War II: from breadfruit, provision grounds, and botanical gardens, to chocho, ackee and the green spaces of South London.

For this intergenerational project young people aged 15-21 recorded the garden journeys of a group of South London gardeners of Caribbean heritage. We were chosen to capture the portraits and stories of these wonderful people. Thank you, Federico Rivas and Ingrid Guyon for their pictures. Funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund Fund. See the exhibition here:



Hunger and Malnutrition in Senegal Participatory Photography and Video 

In July 2022, ten people from Touba Seras, a village in northern Senegal took part in a unique participatory media project to document the high incidence of hunger and malnutrition affecting their community with increased frequency and severity. The group created a powerful collection of photographs and video footage. They took this opportunity to present the solutions they have put in place and highlight the additional support needed to continue and deepen their responses. Action Against Hunger hopes to use them for awareness-raising in various forms and to support its fundraising efforts in future appeals. .



Fotosynthesis abre sus puertas en Zaragoza!

La semana pasada, nos toco pasar del otro lado de la cámara de @jalenoestudio Aunque sigamos en Londres y trabajando en el mundo entero, Fotosynthesis está abriendo sus puertas en Zaragoza, Spain con Alejandro Molano Vásquez con un enfoque agregado: el cine, producción audiovisual como cine comunitario.

Ha sido todo un recorrido y gracias al programa de emprendimiento para mujeres del @ymca_zgz @zaragozaactiva @gobaragon @aragonfilmcom y muchos más que nos están apoyando en el camino hacia el éxito para ser parte de un mundo del audiovisual  más social, consciente y ético. Tenemos muchos proyectos formativos con metodología participativa en marcha, de cine como de fotografía, y muchos cortos y largos de ficción y documentales en la cabeza! Zaragoza, prepararse!


Gobierno de Aragón nos invita al Festival de Cine de San Sebastián 

Aragón Exterior, CARTV y Aragón Film Commission unieron fuerzas para impulsar la producción audiovisual de Aragón con el Festival Internacional de Cine de San Sebastián (SSIFF). Nos invitaron como nueva productora de Aragón para dar a conocer a los talentos locales.



Finalist of the 2022 British Council ELTons Awards

We are delighted that our project Picture This, run in collaboration with Learning Unlimited, is a finalist for the Local Innovation category of the 2022 British Council Eltons Awards for English Teaching Innovation Practice. Our first online project during the lockdown, our first project together as partners, every single minute was delivered with care, patience, love, professionalism, and lots of creativity and friendships.

Find out more about the project here –