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Throughout the years, we have gathered inspiring stories and what we have learnt

from different projects and methodologies and created free resources for you to use.


Over lockdown we delivered an online participatory ESOL and photography project in collaboration with Learning Unlimited, a leading expert in teaching English to migrant communities within the UK. We have designed a free toolkit…


“Photography is about perspective and what really made clear to me because people partially sighted that doesn’t mean they can’t take photographs. Their photography is a very different perspective. The photography we are sold by the media is often centered around aesthetics which is an exclusion form of photography.”


Learning through photography encourages children to explore their world as they photograph scenes from their daily lives outside of the classroom. We learnt maths by making our own camera with measurements, guessing distance, mixing up liquids and maths photo hunts!


A compilation of portraits of Greenwich community members who took part in an intergenerational Cohesion project  (2011-14)with The Children’s Society that has made a positive impact on 730 young and older people living in the London Borough of Greenwich since 2010.