Image making takes us on a journey that involves decision making. What do you want to include in the frame? What do you want to exclude? What do you want to focus on?


– Include: Make the voices of the least visible among us be heard

– Dialogue: Create dialogues and community-led actions and analysis

Reframe: Explore and redefine complex identities and issues

– Ownership: Take control of the narratives  and identify solutions

Transform: Connect people, heal personal and collective traumas , reconcile, 

 The process is as important as the product; our participatory methods make use of all sorts of games, tools and creative art form such as role play, body movement, drawing, participatory analysis, creative writing, meditation, video, dance, music, drama.

It is all about giving people trust and encouragement and use their mistakes and their knowledge as learning and empowering tools. We promote experiential learning, constructive criticism and positive discussions.




We believe that ongoing creative evaluation is a vital component in generating successful participatory projects and we have developed new indicators of change to help us monitor each project.

We use other Learning Action Research methods, observation and informal interviews to monitor the progress of individuals throughout workshops and outreach projects and would often organically identify new untraditional indicators to include in the framework.

Part of the package:

•    Setting up ground rules

•    Group activities and dynamics

•    Community mapping and consultation

•    Participatory analysis

•    Creative writing and captioning

•    One to one consultation with participants

•    Peer review and innovative evaluation sessions

•    Visual and audio recording of stories

•    Curating public or community exhibition

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