We are skilled practitioners in participatory and community-led photography, filmmaking engagement and audiovisual production. We work in partnerships or with commissions from clients on short-term or long-term projects from online to face-to-face workshops, pop-up darkrooms, video and photography production with NGOs and INGOs, companies, cultural and educational institutions, schools, or community groups that meet your needs.

We maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients and continue to offer advice, support and value if needed. Transparency and ethics is what drive us.

We also provide bespoke training and consultancy. 

* can be delivered in English, French, or Spanish.


We design and deliver short or long-term participatory photography and photovoice processes involving a specific group or community around a collective theme to amplify voices, advocacy, or research or evaluation. See  examples here.


We love working with people so they can tell their own stories, be creative and be part of a film crew. Camera, script, sound, action, acting, interviewing, directing. How cool is that! See our latest short video made by young people in Zaragoza.


We are creative bunkers and have no limits.  We carry our workshops anywhere: schools, community groups, cultural institutions, museums, indoors, and outdoors, using different photographic and audiovisual processes.


We love producing short films, campaigns, documentaries, and promotional and institutional videos to create new narratives and promote impact and inspiring stories. 


We can capture moments of your corporate, artistic, lifestyle, celebrations, creative or charity events, staff retreats, or projects. We also take portraits in a studio or where you need as we love natural light with care and empathy.


We believe in the sustainability of projects and methodologies and can design bespoke programs and capacity building for your team or you as an individual practitioner, community organiser,  academic, artist or therapist