We love images. We love people. We believe that self-representation and participation are universal rights and that stories should be shaped and owned together with people who are being represented”


VERY CLOSE TO OUR HEART, produced remotely during Covid. This video is a tribute to thank, honor and dignify those who gave and took testimonies in the UK in the process of remembering Colombia’s history with the Colombian Truth Commission.


Ahmed is one of the stateless changemakers working with us to improve protection for stateless refugees. His story highlights the situation faced by many Sahrawi refugees in Spain.

Find out more about how we can fix statelessness:

Participatory Photography

According to (Chilton et al. 2009, 75), “Participatory Photography ‘enhance[s] internal reflection, self-awareness, and the exchange of individual’s perceptions in order to initiate personal and community change’ Additionally, it overcomes prohibitive barriers of literacy that are often present. It is within discussions engendered by images that communities find the tools to rebuild and/or transform themselves.”

Filmmaking: Production and education

We LOVE making films, short, long, fiction, non fiction, documentaries, institutional. We also LOVE facilitating collective filmmaking processes with groups so they can make their own films. We take great care in collaborating with you or the group we are working with to create powerful and emotional messages and inspiring stories with a cinematic feeling.

Creative Photography

At the core of our practice is the idea that photography by people and for people can be a positive and civic tool. We believe photography in all its forms is a powerful and meaningful experience that can make a difference, be it in the darkroom, the studio, in the streets or in the classrooms. By nature, photography has the ability to permeate all fields and disciplines; it is a passport to the unknown.


Fotosynthesis believes that education should be a two-way learning process and that children are given opportunities to explore participatory and collaborative artistic approaches to the curriculum, promoting self-development in children and teachers. Our staff has been trained by Duke University, USA in Learning Through Photography, methodology developed by Wendy Ewald, who has inspired this project.

Trainings & Consultancy

Our directors and associates are skilled practitioners in the fields of ethical and inclusive photographic and moving image production, visual storytelling, communications,  exhibition curation.
We provide bespoke training and consultancy to NGOs, cultural and educational institutions, schools or community groups that meet your needs.

*Bespoke training can be delivered in English, French or Spanish.

Professional Photography

We can capture moments of your corporate, creative or charity events, staff retreat, a performance, document your projects for communication, fundraising, campaigning or awareness raising purposes, take headshots ot portraits in a studio or where you need as we love natural light with care and empathy. Each smile, each encounter is a blessing for us.