We have no borders and can go anywhere to bring our creativity to you so you discover yours!

We carry our workshops anywhere: schools, community groups, cultural institutions using different photographic and audiovisual processes and creates spaces where everyone is welcome to express themselves and explore their creativity. We want to make photography and audio-visual accessible and available to anyone. 

* Workshops can be delivered in English, French or Spanish, face to face or online.

We have gathered a selection of what we can do.


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We love building pop-ups darkroom anywhere, we have done more than 50 so far in schools, cultural institutions, youth clubs. Have fun while learning about light, photography, build your own camera made of cardboard boxes or tin, take a picture, and process it. 


Create your own images without a camera by using objects, nature, shapes, textures, layers, newspaper, and cutouts, paint with chemicals and with light: make your photograms in our pop-up darkroom wherever you are.


Have you ever been inside a camera and observed the outside world from the inside? This is what you can do in a camera obscura. You can understand how the light travels, how photography was invented and works, how the light and lens affect your image, and meditate too.


As the photosynthesis process itself, light gives life to everything, including images. We use the natural sunlight to create the blueprint or cyanotype. No need for a darkroom. We use personal or daily life objects, shapes, newspapers, and nature to create stunning prints.


Nature is an incredible source of image-making materials! You can use any flowers, plants, vegetables, fruits, and herbs to coat a paper or a cloth (anthotypes) or you can even print an image on a real leaf (chlorophyll prints). It does require very long hours of exposure. 


in Greek, PHOTO means ‘light’ and GRAPHY means ‘writing’. So why not using creativity, darkness, light, and long exposure to explore the unknown and experiment. You will be surprised.


Having a professional portrait taken is not accessible to anyone and is a very empowering and therapeutic as well as a team-building and reflective experience. They can be formal, theme-based, fun, individual, groups or families, for your staff or the community or schools you work with.


                                                                                         We use a variety of creative and participatory approaches to engage people in creating and narrating their own stories through visual media or/and audio. Told in a group, stories are richer and can be healing, transformative and create dialogue and understanding, 


A great activity for exploring identity,representation, hopes and dreams,  similarities and differences, past, present, and future and stimulating some powerful creative writing and self-discovery. Self-portraits with yourself, part of yourself or none of your yourself. 

‘I am particularly impressed by the creative and imaginative strengths of Fotosynthesis. They stimulate interest, nurture imaginations and promote the rights of each individual to have and express their creative voices through visual arts. Being inclusive, relevant, and imaginative — Caroline Baker, The Children’s Society

OUR CLIENTS include the Southbank Centre, Hackney City Farm, Comision de la Verdad (Barcelona), International Catalan Institute of Peace (Barcelona), Mujer Diaspora, Museum of London, Garden Museum, London Transport Museum, Learning Unlimited, Great London Authority, St Guy’s and Thomas Hospital, Creative Sparkworks, The Children’s Society, Beyond Skin (Northern Ireland), primary and secondary schools and colleges, RefugeeYouth, Centro de la Imagen (Dominican Republic), Build Peace (Colombia), London Analogue Festival.