Sin Fronteras

“Crossing borders at a young age is never easy. Borders that manifest not only as physical entities but as cultural, economic and psychological ones too. This project is a testimony to their resilience to confront barriers and an opportunity to raise their voices through art.”

Sin Fronteras

Ingrid Guyon (Lead facilitator, Exhibition curator and Art Awards Adviser), Caroline Gervay (Facilitator), David Kendall (Exhibition and design).
8 months

Latin American women’s rights service

A group of young Latin American women from the project Sin Fronteras from Latin American Women’s Right Service, have been introduced to digital photography for a few months, identifying personal and common topics such as migration, human rights, women’s rights, education, poverty, identity or family. Using mobile phones, compact cameras and DSLR, the young girls have broken down language barriers by interacting with passers-by in the streets asking them about  undocumented”, practiced with tripods to capture panning and light trails to show movement of migration in the city, discovered London hidden treasures and many art galleries and photo exhibition.

They learnt about Photostory, visual literacy, ethics of photography, how to approach vulnerable and delicate subjects, documented a demonstration at Yalrwood Detention Centre and expdores imaginary writing. They have also been working on their Silver Arts Awards Portfolios!

“We went beyond our comfort zones and learnt from our mistakes”

Sin Fronteras Project