Bajo La Piel

We flee from the darkness that takes away the breath of life……

I was filled with fear from which I had to escape to save myself.

That’s how I escaped from a torment that manipulated my economy.

I escaped from that gun that was pointing at me with a projectile.

They erased my dreams, they tried to extinguish my light.

That’s how I crossed borders to save myself and to be able to keep breathing and keep seeing the light.

To show the truth without hidden walls, vulnerable.

To show the truth without hidden walls, vulnerable.

Wrapped in an alphanumeric labyrinth created by expert manipulators of my own economy.


I was trapped by a mechanism that implanted terror in my brain.

Fencing an imaginary wall around me to have control over me.

My rebellion against this micro system of manipulation provoked the anger and aggressiveness of the executioner, causing him to draw his gun and activate to fire the projectile. I escaped.

By sharing the reality, the burden is lightened, trust comes in like a light through the windows and we step out of the shadows.

Meeting others like me, creating new bonds of trust, laughter becomes possible, the heart is lightened, hope is given space.

Sowing a new life with a lot of flavour.