Isabella Marín Muñoz 

“Tejiendo Vida”

“Weaving Life” The magic of heartfelt listening.

“Weaving Life” The magic of being able to give words, to give voice to what is lived, in the midst of heartfelt listening.

“Weaving life” An attentive listening, welcoming, full of understanding and comprehension that is born in the feeling, that is beyond explanations or reasons, and simply welcomes the experience of the other, another who is also me.

“Weaving life” A place of encounter, understanding and rapprochement. A place of creation in the midst of a context, war, which tells us that this is not possible, which puts us on sides and closes our hearts, empathy and the capacity to listen and to express disappears.

“Weaving Life” is a place where trust opens up space, flourishes and nurtures possibilities to create together.

A sacred place where, through receptive listening and the courage to express, we weave life.