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Black Lives Matter

Allow me to take you on a journey….


I am Christian; my mother was a midwife; my father was a General in the army of Sudan; my brother and my husband are Muslim.


I have two daughters and a 16-year-old son, who has been awarded a scholarship with Reading football Academy.


Black Lives Matter and COVID 19 are two significant events that happened in 2020.


Although the Black Lives Matter movement has been going on for many years, something feels different about the movement now as though we’re on the precipice of change.


On 3rd June I had a dream. The dream was revealing of what was happening in our world today. Before my dream, I didn’t think our lives would ever be the same again, but I had to ask myself did I want our lives to be the same? No, I did not want to have the old me back because during the lockdown I fixed my relationship with my creator.

I understand the history of Africa of colonisation, injustice, and the atrocities that have been committed against us and this is still going on for black people.

But that does not exclude us from the responsibility of doing them to our fellow black people. Look at the knife crime in London, our children, what happened in the Caribbean, Africa and America, women, men and children being raped, some fathers, husbands, and single role models not taking responsibility, corruption, lack of spiritual wisdom, looting our own wealth, the negative relationship Africans and Caribbean’s have towards each other. The impact of this on our future generations is not healthy or wealthy.

I am from the former Sudan where the people in the south have experienced huge injustices. My father and others were fighting for recognition of their people. I am one of the millions who paid a personal price for that. Today if you watch videos on the internet you will understand. It’s not for me to judge, but I can use the skills that God has given me to empower and unmute women and children to take the lead for our nation to make the changes they want to see.


God created us as one human race with no superiority. We all need to examine our hearts regardless of our faith, non-faith, colour, gender, old or young.


As for us Cuch people, to gain our freedom and independence we need to go back to basics (God) with intention and understanding.


I joined the movement of Dr. Arikana Chihombori, a very powerful African woman. The prophetic word for 2020 is for all women to rise and shine. Why women? Because they are resilient and to start on the road to freedom we need to change our mindset and control our resources and be resourceful.


We all need to pray for our nation, unity, and healing from all types of injustice. That will create development and sustainable wealth and prosperity for all.



‘I have to look for the words you have given me to take the picture. 

Now I have become very interested, I forgot about my problems because this is what I do, every day I go out to take pictures.’