We’ ve stopped smiling on Eid due to the lockdown. 

This is the smile we’ve missed seeing this Eid, and having all our loved ones next to us. 

The boys have missed chasing each other and playing video games against other.

We need to claim back all the good moments we’ve had in the past and hug it all out.

We are not the lost generation!




We have learned to
appreciate each other more, to be kind to one
another and most importantly, to be there for each

Regardless of your religion, gender, age or class we all have faced similar situations and had to adapt to life differently this year.

In Islam we say “God willing” as we can’t predict what will happen the next day and it’s in god’s hands. Nevertheless, we all hope for a good day, for the cheeky children and every human being to have and enjoy. Let’s all appreciate each other and respect each other regardless of religion and politics.

Let’s all mend the broken hearts and smile more often, as that doesn’t cost us anything. You don’t need to be rich to be kind and you don’t need to be a genius to be understanding. All we expect from each other is a little bit of empathy.