Covid-19 has stopped our dreams,
We don’t know when exactly we can
have a normal social life again.

But the time is passing quickly

and we need to maintain the distance,

which is another barrier that limits our lives.

You won’t believe it!

If people have money and are affected by Covid-19 as money doesn’t buy them their health 

That is why we have empty and limited lives for now.

How is our world now?


Covid-19, we need our freedom, our life; this is unjust for all the world,

Covid-19, we don’t understand why you have cut our wings,

Covid-19, people can’t go anywhere. Why have you taken control of our lives?

Covid-19, go back to where you came from; you should never have got out.

Covid-19, why have you gone and spread yourself around the world?

Covid-19, are you happy to kill so many NHS workers? Covid-19, why don’t you think to keep the NHS safe?

Covid-19, we are tired of wearing PPE.

Covid-19, you must stop this pandemic, enough have suffered.

Covid-19, wash your hands, use gloves and masks. It is a benefit for your business.

Covid-19, many people have survived without PPE in poor circumstances

Covid-19, it is time to close the door with the hope you will give us peace and maintain the calm.



My girl is sad

What happened

To my girl?

What can I do

For you to smile at me?

I can’t smile

She told me

My love is dead

My soul is dead

Oh, my God

Help her please!

Because I love her

With all my heart.

God, can you help her?

Because she is a little girl

And her soul

Doesn’t need to suffer pain

I don’t want to see you sad

Love of my life.


The radio is playing my favourite song,

And I am alone at the table in the living room,

Out of the window, I can see it is raining,

I am thinking, how will my future be?

I draw hearts and stars on my napkin,

The rain doesn’t stop.

Suddenly a snail passes through my mind,

And says “I am tiny but strong. I walk everywhere

On the leaves of the tree to reach a goal.

I can see how you are stronger moving forward.

Just look around you, like how you love to take pictures

to motivate yourself and choose your dreams.


If I could speak with the birds

I would like to tell them

how lucky they are to have wings

to fly around the world

with their freedom of life.

How marvelous to have

that type of life, without a boss,

without a job and with

their family, and not worrying about money.