“The body is home for our consciousness and for the spirit. Through it, we experience life.”

Susannah & Ya’Acov Darling Khan, Movement Medicine, p86

How aware are we of our body? How often do you check in each part of your body to feel what it is telling you? Why do too many of us look after our materials belonging more than our body?

How are your lungs and your breathing? Are you breathing at your full capacity? What about your back? Do you stretch yourself enough or are you waiting to get older and feel pain to wake up to give love to it? 

If I were to ask which part of your body you prefer, what would you say? (Not in terms of its aesthetics or beautiness, but more in terms of what this part of your body does in your life). 

Close your eyes for a few seconds and scan your whole body from head to toes. Which part is catching your attention? Which part have you never noticed before?

“Our own physical body possesses a wisdom, which we who inhabit the body, lack.”

Henri Miller

My feet by Daniela

My feet are a very important part of my body because they take me everywhere and support my body.

My eye, by Elena

I would like to thank you for my eyes because with them I can see,
I can see how beautiful the world is,
I can see colours and simple things,
I can see gorgeous people, animals and plants.

My heart, by Esther

I am proud of my heart.

It was destroyed,




but it continues to love.

It continues to forgive.

It continues to share and, above all, it continues beating and always makes me smile.


My heart is my favourite part of my body.

My hands, by Hanifa

My hands are one of my favourite parts of my body because with them, I can make my imagination real, and I can be creative.

My throat, by Luna

The throat, the fifth chakra of communication, chakra of speech and expression, Vishuddha chakra.

Words are one of the most powerful and dangerous instruments we have as human beings. With them, we can build, we can love, we can care, we can sing, we can heal, we can create, we can share, we can dialogue, we can understand.

With words, we can also destroy, we can hurt, we can control, we can neglect.

We can also be silent. Why do we have to talk all the time?

The less noise you have in your mind, the slowest will the vibrations be the more answers you will find, without looking for them.


Silence while I’m listening to what I’m not saying with great attention.

Silencio mientras siento mis emociones y miedos ocultos.

Quietness while I’m filtering what thoughts to keep and which one to ignore.

Letting go of any mental violence, replacing it by self love, acceptance and silence within.

My lungs, by Luna

As we were born breathing instantly, we never had to learn it and we are taking it for granted.

How often do we think that we are breathing but we are actually holding our breath without being aware?

My lungs, a part of my body that I am grateful for, with each inhalation, I can restore myself, my brain, my peace of mind, my calmness. With every exhalation I can let go of stress, tensions, of whatever no longer serves me.

With each breath, I give life to the energy of my body. I give myself energy.

During the first lockdown, I had some physical pain and was told by my osteopath “You are not breathing properly. Your diaphragm is not enjoying its full capacity.”

I started kundalini yoga to focus on my breath and did intense breathing exercises and discovered part of my subconscious that I did not even exist and realised many traumas and fears. I released the physical pains too. I discovered the power of breathing, which I had always been drawn to. It is now part of my daily life.


Breathe in the energy of the universe,
Breathe in the beauties of the human connection,
Breathe in the unknown.
Breathe in the universal love that is gently trying to caress you,
Breathe in the sound of silence.
Breath in the unexpected.
Breathe out all your plans.
Breathe out what no longer serves you, the childhood hidden memories, the thoughts and pains that stopped you from being….

Breathe out…

OBSERVE from a distance the fire of your past.
LISTEN to the new lyrics of your life and the voice of silence.
TOUCH the roots of pure love embracing you endlessly.
TASTE the new flavour of the days delicately filled with peace.
SMELL the happiness surrounding you, perfumed with mystical flowers of bliss.
Mesmerise the dance of rebirth that the ocean is offering you.

My heart, by Luna

It pumps the air in my lungs and brain. But its main function is to learn to love unconditionally.

How many times do we say to people that we love them? How many times do you say to yourself that you are in love with yourself? That you are perfect with your imperfections? Why are we so scared of this word?

Tomorrow does not exist. We can die at any moment. So if it was your last day alive, would you not say to the people you love that you love them? So imagine today is your last day and express your love.

The definition of LOVE is “an intense feeling of deep affection.” There are endless ways to love beyond the “traditional” ways portrayed in books, poems, films, songs…ways that no words or art forms can describe.

Ways that are way beyond the physical and tangible world. Ways that many struggle to understand as it does not tick any box or fit in any category of love. It should be easy so why do we make it so complicated? 

LOVE is our nature as humans.

LOVE is healthy. It is contagious. It is necessary. LOVE is life. LOVE is priceless. LOVE is endless.

LOVE has no border. LOVE is timeless. LOVE is eternal and infinite. LOVE is abundant.

LOVE is pure. It is beautiful, it is a gift. It is sincere. LOVE is magical and makes miracles. LOVE is freedom.

LOVE is trust. LOVE has no age. LOVE has no race. LOVE is universal. LOVE is free.

It is healing. It is the solution to happiness and peace.

It is a source of energy. It flows like a river with freedom and beauty.

The origin of the Word “LOVE” comes from the Middle English word LUF, derived from the Old English word “LUFU.” This is akin to Old High German, “LUBA,” and another Old English word, lēof, which means ‘dear’.

Another word related to love, “LUBERE” or “libere,” comes to us from the Romans. This Latin word means ‘to please’.

In all words related to the word love, roots relating to dear, pleasing, and cherished may be found, hinting at the deeper transcendent meaning of the modern word.

Ancient Greece: Levels of Love Emotion AGAPE – Means love in modern day Greek, but in ancient times referred to a pure love without sexual connotations

EROS – Includes passionate love full of desire and longing

PHILIA – Mentioned by Aristotle, meant a dispassionate, virtuous and unselfish love

XENIA – Includes hospitality, and refers to a type of love most would consider charity or giving.

My brain, by Paula

Good brain vibes ?

What we see depends on what happens inside our brain. Our minds help us to survive through our brain. Everything comes from this fantastic and special organ: the brain.
Healthy minds use the internal weapon to fight daily life problems.

My ears, by Jayne



I chose my ears, because I enjoy listening to other people’s stories, and I learn so much from them. Also, I love music and can’t imagine life without it. I really enjoyed this exercise, because it took me into awareness of my body.

A little meditation. I think we all tend to spend too much time in our heads – thinking, planning, worrying – and not enough time inhabiting our whole bodies.

My mind, by Josie


Ingrid asked us to take a photograph of the body part we like the most (not for how it looks – but for how we use it!)

I immediately thought that mine would have to be my mind.

This past year it has been especially important to check in with ourselves and how we are feeling.

I have used meditation every morning as a way of gaining more control over where my mind goes and to stay present throughout the day.

My mind truly is my favourite asset, if you look after your mind then everything else in life will follow!

My eyes, by Zahra

like my eyes the most of all my body parts.

Eyes are an important part of the body, to see and admire nature and to see people and their expressions.