These photos represent how I have felt about the pandemic.

With the coronavirus, everyone has felt very afraid and with a great uncertainty of not knowing what is going to happen.

Many people lost their jobs and many others lost their lives.

Many people have learned to value and live day to day and not leave everything to the future.

The pandemic has helped us to be closer to our family and to be able to share and teach my daughters about cooking and enjoy more time together.

Many of us were very afraid to leave the house for fear of contagion. Especially older people or those with illnesses.

When we travel in public transport, we feel scared because we could catch the virus as there isn’t much social distancing when travelling in underground for example.

Every different country has different rules, for example in the Dominican Republic and in Spain there are  curfews.

In Madrid, Spain; the lockdown was more strict than in Dominican Republic and the UK.