One day in September

In this picture I am thinking about my professional life.

I am thinking about my personal project.

I am thinking about how grateful I am for my good health, my son and my family in times of the coronavirus.

I am thankful for my life, my friends and this moment.

One day last summer

This was a happy day in the countryside with my son.

There were beautiful colours and smells.

My favourite smell is lavender because it reminds me of my

childhood, my grandmother and my mother in Rio de Janeiro.

This is my favourite fruit

This was the first time I had picked strawberries in my life.

I felt grateful, excited and happy. It was a new experience.

The colour of the fruit was wonderful, it was so bright and red.

Me and the strawberry were both vibrant on this day.

The sea is the thing I miss the most from my country.

The smell of the sea gives me my energy, it makes me feel peaceful and relaxed.

This was a very happy day and the sea reminded me of good moments with my friends, laughing and drinking beers in the warm sun.

On the seaside, England.