Life in London, it’s not good nor bad
It’s different.
Living in London is like a movie
You watch it your whole life and now you are living it in reality.

I never said
”I like winter”.
London shows me the best part of winter.
Now I say ”I LOVE WINTER”.

London makes you think
What is important to you?
Family, friends, future, money, your peace…
You hold on to what makes you stronger.
Make your feelings come out
Sad, happy, alone, lost, lost, dreams, powerful…
And you give importance to the little things,
Like ”HELLO”

Everything is beautiful and strange
Stones on the beaches, the trees without any leaves in winter and then everything back in spring
Everyone works hard
The more you work, the more you get rewarded

I love my country
I love London
This my city now
Every day there is a surprise
One new thing
A new thing I learn
I enjoy
I love
This is my life in LONDON.