The beauty of nature, so lush and green, so cool, calm, full of life,

The beauty of nature, people just learn and see the happiness it brings,

The beauty of nature, the time spent in nature is time spent realising,

that nature is to our love, teaching us worth, peace, compassion, patience and to be confident.

The beauty of nature teaches us how to survive.

The beauty of nature, for me, is just life.

The beauty of nature shows its power, giving me vibes, so cool and so good.

The beauty of nature gives me peace, like a wonderful song.

My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be.

This is what the beauty of nature teaches me.

The beauty of nature; nature is powerful.

Nature teaches us that no matter how hard life is, we must be strong and continue to live, just being powerful like nature.

Nature is everywhere you go,

Nature is animals, plants, mountains, sky, rivers, sea…

Nature is everything living and growing.

I decided to take the position of nature and see through it…

Through this tree, I see a bench, that lies in the heart of nature, where people sit, breathe deeply, enjoy the sunlight and the shadows the leaves make,

The gentle breeze, listen to the songbirds, and the whisper of the wind……

This is life…

This is me …

This is the beauty of nature!!!