A dream come true

A lunch in Mayfair

It was a beautiful and wonderful day! The sun was shining and warming up the place.

The super cozy atmosphere will make you spend all day there.

A drink on Carnaby Street

Think of a fantastic place to stroll, look at the store’s windows and have a drink. So here is an overwhelming energy for that.

Pub on the Thames

Londoners love pubs.That’s why you find in this wonderful city a pub on England’s largest and main river. Look how cool it is to sit and enjoy the sunset here!

The Royal Guards

What an inexplicable feeling of seeing this guard with his horse, neither of which move. It is so beautiful to see … This organisation in the land of Majesty is wonderful! How happy I am to be able to be here!

Lavender Fields

What a happiness! What an energy! What a gift from God! Being in that lavender field was a super special gift! I refreshed myself, how calm, what a smell … what a wonderful day it was. Gratitude for such a splendid moment!

Royal Observatory Greenwich

I have no words to express the joy of being there. A child’s dream! Straight from books to real life! And the best thing about it, being able to share this moment with my family!

Star Wars in Madame Tussaud

What a coincidence! On my first visit to Tussaud I was dressed very much like my favorite character from the Star Wars saga! Very cool! That day was unforgettable in one of the most famous museums in the world!

Buckingham Palace

It is the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II. In front of the palace you can follow the Changing of the Guard, that famous military ceremony of the Queen’s Guards.

London Eye

I love going to the London Eye! I’ve been there several times and I can’t get enough! It is a beautiful view from the top of this most wonderful city! The architectural ensemble seen from above with the flowing waters of the River Thames is unforgettable.

The Big Ben Tower

Big Ben is the name of the great bell installed in the northwest tower of the Palace of Westminster, the seat of the British Parliament in London. I loved having visited there.