Lockdown 1 – Growing

‘I realise that a picture tells 1000 words and releases so much language. I never thought it would lead to writing poetry and I am so inspired for future language learning projects.  It can be for every level.’ Sarah, ESOL tutor

I listened to …

the daily news, families bereft

“you’re on mute” “we can’t hear you” “tap bottom left”

Thursdays clapping, beating pans, cars hooting their horns

my daughters’ wild dreams, every detail, scattered with yawns

birds singing, I listened and learnt their unique songs

the wind in the Ash, transporting me far and beyond



I watched …

the empty street below, ghostly quiet, unsure what to think

the garden wake up, uncurling leaves and blossoms so pink

my cats chasing dragon flies, meandering, oblivious to it all

Adriene on Youtube, “breathe, stretch and stand tall”

I discovered …

neighbours and kindness, the Blitz spirit anew

how bees collect pollen, webinars, morning dew

how naïve I am about racism, and how much more I could do

art on Instagram #artistsupportpledge – such talent, who knew?

Cape Jewels, White willow, Bluebells, Lady Banks Rose

Bergenia, Sea Thrift, Ladder to Heaven – such a name, it glows

taking photos, painting seascapes, how to create the perfect sky

writing poems, Kate Clanchy – how with words you can fly

my natural hair colour, yes grey, with one solitary brown streak

and finally, my lockdown family – Picture this! – we’ve shared something unique.